Car audio Repair Tool Car Clip


Car audio Repair Tool Car Clip


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  • Brand Name: LARATH
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Name:: Car Interior audio Repair Tool
  • feature1:: Car audio Repair Tool
  • feature2:: Car Clip Tool
  • feature3:: Car rivet Removal Tool
  • feature4:: Car fastener
  • feature5:: Car Trim Removal Tool
  • feature6:: Auto Interior Disassembly Tools
  • feature7:: Car Pry Removal Tool
  • feature8:: Car Interior Tools
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  • feature25:: Car audio Repair Tool
  • feature26:: Car Clip Tool
  • feature27:: Car rivet Removal Tool
  • feature28:: Car fastener
  • feature29:: Car Trim Removal Tool
  • feature30:: Auto Interior Disassembly Tools
  • feature31:: Car Pry Removal Tool
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  • feature55:: for removing car trim
  • feature56:: Remover tool
  • feature57:: plastic trim removal tool
  • feature58:: clips puller
  • feature59:: Car remover tool
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Car audio Repair Tool Car Clip rivet fastener door Panel Trim Removal Tool Auto Interior Disassembly Tools Car Pry Removal Tool

38Pcs Car Audio Disassembly Tool Interior Door Clip Panel Trim Dashboard Removal Tool Modification Car Repair Tool Hand Tool Kit

rMultiple Usages: 38 Pieces Panel Trim tool kits works great for Automotive, Marine, Funiture or Aircraft Trim removal and installation, including Door Panels, Moldings, Window Trims, Clips, Fasteners, Emblems, Panels, Radios, etc.
Sturdy Durable Tools: Autmor trim removal kit made of polyformaldehyde material and with matte surface treatment, trim tools are impact resistant, eco-friendly, non-toxic, lightweight and tougher than the common ABS ones. Our trim tools are gentler on softer surfaces, and will not scratch your car.
6 Common Sizes Car Retainer Clips: Made of high-quality black nylon material, fitting for door trim, radiator shield yoke, fender, bumper and splash shield retainers replacement for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Jeep, BMW, Benz and more. With the fastener removal tool in the kit, you can freely replace the old and broken car door panel and upholstery clips without causing damage to your car.
Ergonomic Design: Easy to hold in hand, access to hard-to-reach spaces and crevices. The most essential & reliable body panel removal tool kit, it won’t break or bent easily. The most durable and lightly flexible fiber on the market better than hard ABS. Save time, frustration and money.
Package&Storage: Autmor prying tool kit includes 120PCS Car Retainer Clips, 11PCS Trim Removal Tools, 1PCS Trim Clip Removal Pliers, 2PCS upholstery fastener remover, 4 PCS precision hook pick, 8 PCS stainless steel stereo removal tools, 11PCS stainless steel Auto Terminal Removal Key Tool, 1PCS Coral Velvet Car Towel. Comes with portable zipper pouch to store all of your tools after use. You won’t worry about to lose them.
1 x Portable storage bag.
1 x Special Portable Zipped
1 x Improved Rubber Ring Release Tools
(8pcs) 7 x Interior Trim Disassembly Tool

1 * Portable storage bag.
1 * Trimming clamp pliers
3 * Car terminal removal tool
2 * Stereo Removal Tool
2 * version tool
(19pcs)11 * Interior decoration removal tool
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